• Leaderboard


    728x90 px

    Leaderboards appear on most pages on Gumtree and are one of the best performing ad units.

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  • MPU


    300x250 px

    An MPU is visible on many search pages and provides great cut-through.

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  • Wide Skyscraper

    Wide Skyscraper

    160x600 px

    Wide Skyscrapers provide greater space for creative executions.

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  • Super MPU

    Super MPU

    300x600 px

    The Super MPU provides additional space to get your message across.

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  • Integrated Placement

    Integrated Placement

    590x30 px, 665x35 px

    An integrated placement allows your message to be placed right within a product listing.

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  • Pushdown


    970x90 px

    Pushdown units are interactive, providing great cut-through for your campaign.

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  • Monster


    640x480 px

    Monster units dominate the page and often appear on Gumtree confirmation pages, providing users time to absorb your marketing message.

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  • Mobile Hompage Takeover

    Mobile Hompage Takeover

    1080x720 px

    With approximately half our audience visiting Gumtree on mobile devices, a mobile takeover reaches them in a browsing environment, on the go. Only available on our Tablet apps.

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  • Mobile Banner

    Mobile Banner

    320x50 px

    Gumtree users are increasingly browsing for great items to buy via mobile devices, and this standard ad unit is a great way to reach them wherever they are.

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  • Masthead


    970x250 px

    One of the larger units available on Gumtree.com, providing your marketing message with a prominent place on a page, without detracting from the user experience.

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  • Portrait


    300x1050 px

    Larger than a Wide Sky and nicely integrated into the page, finding Gumtree users as they search for great items to buy.

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  • Text Link/Mobile Text Link

    Text Link/Mobile Text Link

    90x30 logo; 75 character limit

    Available across all Gumtree platforms and on all devices, the most simple an effective means of reaching a large audience also delivers great performance.

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Tech Specs

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