It’s Not ‘If’ You Should Adopt Programmatic, But ‘How’

Display Posted: 25th January 2016

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With minimal barriers to entry, publishers and buyers alike can realise revenue benefits through programmatic advertising; but only with a rigid understanding of the technology and an effective commercial and pricing strategy. 

As programmatic continues its rapid evolution, the skills gap for publishers trying to keep pace with the technology is widening, according to research by programmatic marketplace provider OpenX. All respondents to its survey – 23% of whom were publishers – said they needed further education to reap the rewards of programmatic efficiency.

This week, OpenX launched its School of Programmatic initiative – a series of workshops designed to fill these knowledge gaps and supply the skills and know-how needed to make the most of programmatic.

The first session – The Core Concepts of Programmatic – was held on 19 January in central London. Guest speaker Tom O’Donnell, head of advertising proposition and programmatic, Gumtree, joined Andrew Buckman, managing director EMEA, OpenX, to introduce ‘Programmatic 101’.

After the session, ExchangeWire caught up with Tom O’Donnell to discover the secrets behind Gumtree’s successful adoption of programmatic technology.

ExchangeWire: How would you summarise the evolution of programmatic?

Tom O’Donnell: Programmatic exists now because the ecosystem invested heavily in it, believing it was going to improve and simplify digital advertising. Practitioners now know that while some areas have become simpler and more efficient, programmatic can be much more complicated and resource-intensive than we could have imagined all those years ago. 

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