Acquisition campaign shows the strength of Gumtree’s platform for driving efficiency at a low CPA

Gumtree would like to thank Sky for generously writing and contributing to this case study.

The objectives

  • To support Sky’s offering for new customers who are looking to join Sky TV.
  • Our key goal was acquisition, with a secondary metric being multichannel attributed CPA.

The campaign plan

  • There was a focus on contextual targeting within the entertainment section on Gumtree plus a heavy TV viewing audience segment.
  • Campaign formats focused on text links and IAB.


From the start of the campaign Gumtree CPA’s were strong, and they quickly became a standout partner for consistent weekly performance.

Gumtree also showed impressive results when it came to scaling spends during deeper promotional periods without detriment
to CPA.

Gumtree are now a business as usual partner for our DR Acquisition activity where they continue to perform strongly against other partners on the plan which is evident from Sky’s continued budget allocations.

Gumtree are an integral part of our acquisition DR activity with consistent performance and the ability to scale activity, as well as driving sales at efficient CPAs.

Marketing Controller, Sky
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