Frequently asked questions

1. How do I put stock onto the site(s)?

You can now use the eBay Motors Pro tool to list your inventory on both eBay and Gumtree Motors. You will not need to use the Gumtree Pro console for managing your inventory.

2. What is the role of the dealership support team? How can they help me?

The package you choose will determine the level of support available. For instance, the Plus and Premium packages provide dedicated support with on-boarding and account management. This means that you’ll have someone available that knows your contract and will help you get the most from working with eBay and Gumtree Motors.

3. I am not VAT registered. Can I now post on eBay?

Yes, we have changed some of the terms around qualification for an eBay Motors Pro account on eBay. However, there will still be the necessary checks in place to ensure all our customers are legitimate dealers.

4. What package should I be on?

We have three packages available: Basic, Plus and Premium. Please speak to us so we can help you choose which package is right for you. You can always upgrade your package at any time from Basic or Plus to take advantage of additional features.

5. Can I have a Premium package if I have less than 40 cars?

Sorry, no our Premium package is reserved for dealers who have a substantial stock size, holding over 40 vehicles.

6. Can I have a Basic package if I have 80 cars or more?

Sorry, no our Basic package is reserved for smaller dealers with 10 or fewer cars.

7. What are your payment terms?

We follow a process with customers to identify the most suitable payment method and terms. Monthly direct debit payments are available subject to a successful credit check. Alternatively, customers are able to pay via a quarterly upfront payment.

8. Where will the invoice come from if I have an agreement for both eBay and Gumtree Motors?

You will be invoiced monthly from Gumtree Motors. This will make it simple for you to understand your commitment to both platforms.

9. How do ‘features’ work?

The ‘feature’ products we include in your package only appear on Gumtree Motors and are performance enhancers to help promote more response to your stock. You can only apply ‘features’ to your Gumtree listings from within eBay Motors Pro. To purchase additional ‘feature’ packages, please contact your account manager.

10. What’s happened to ‘bump-ups’ and what can I do to make sure my ads are seen?

We now offer automatic ‘bump-ups’ on Gumtree Motors to help promote your listings. Dependent on the package you choose, the frequency will vary: Basic (7 days), Plus (5 days), Premium (3 days).

11. Do you take feeds from other websites?

Yes, we take feeds on to the website from a variety of websites and feed providers including:

21st Century, Autoexposure, Autoweb, Azizi, Blue Cubes, Bluesky Interactive, Car Dealer 5, Click Dealer, Denison, Gforces, New Star Media, Spidersnet, Starkwood Media, V-Cars DNA, W3 AutoM8

Please speak to our Motors team for more information.

12. How do I monitor my ad response?

You will have access to the eBay Motors Pro tool to check the metrics on your adverts and the Freespee dashboard for your call data. In addition we send you a monthly email with performance measures of your listings.

13. Can I post the same vehicle twice?

14. What happens after the initial term?

After your initial subscription period you can discuss subscription terms with your account manager.

15. Can I upgrade or downgrade my package mid-agreement?

During your initial term of agreement, you can upgrade your package at any time from Basic or Plus to take advantage of additional features. However, we are unable to downgrade the package level you are on, until the end of the agreement.

16. How do you put stock on site?

You have three options for uploading stock to Gumtree Motors and eBay.

  1. Manual upload using the eBay Motors Pro tool.
  2. Feed directly from your website (we only work with certain website developers)
  3. Feed from another classifieds site (we only work with certain classifieds sites)

Please refer to the answer to question 11 for confirmation of which third party websites and feeds we can use.

17. Can I cancel before the end of the agreement?

Our agreements are legally binding until the end of their term, so you cannot cancel mid-term. We have a variety of flexible package options so there is a suitable subscription for everyone, be it a short or long term commitment. Please speak with our dealership support team for more information.

18. How do I keep my stock at the top of the listings?

You can keep your stock at the top of the listings by using ‘bump-ups’ or ‘features’. We now offer automatic ‘bump-ups’ on Gumtree Motors to help promote your listings. Dependent on the package you choose, the frequency will vary: Basic (7 days), Plus (5 days), Premium (3 days).

19. What if I don’t want HPI checks on my advert?

We have a HPI stamp on all listings on Gumtree Motors and eBay. Our Basic package lists with a statement that the vehicle has passed a HPI check. For Plus and Premium packages, an 8 point certificate is included on the listing to improve our customer experience and create better quality leads for you.

20. What if I don’t want call tracking?

Call tracking is embedded into all adverts. This is so we can track and measure performance of your listings on Gumtree Motors and eBay overall. This information is key to showing you a return on investment and also gives us the ability to make improvements to advertising on our websites.

21. Can I list parts and accessories as a vehicle seller on both eBay and Gumtree Motors?

As before, you will need a separate account to list parts and accessories for either websites. You will not be able to use eBay Motors Pro to list items in the parts/accessories categories. You can advertise vehicles for sale only.

22. How many images can I show on my adverts on eBay and Gumtree Motors?

You can advertise vehicles with up to 20 images per advert on both websites, all managed through one tool – eBay Motors Pro. Previously you could only have nine images on Gumtree Motors, there is now the opportunity for your advert to work harder by showing more than twice as many images.